You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube…

Thank you for all the get well wishes during my recent back issues.  It is coming up on five weeks and I am getting back to normal routines (Kathy insisted taking out the garbage was at the top of the list).

I was coming home from physical therapy last evening and Kathy was out gardening, watering her plants in preparation for our trip today to visit our oldest daughter.  As I got out of my car she looked at me with fire in her eyes and said: “If I had a gun I would shoot those rabbits!!”

This summer we have had a family (a big one) of rabbits staying with us.  They are cute, but they eat Kathy’s flowers – down to the nubs.  We have all kinds of crazy things in our garden to scare them, but you can guess how that works.  My neighbor, Rocco, has awesome vegetable gardens and Kathy couldn’t understand why the rabbits didn’t go there, as he has much better food.  Rocco told her that he sprays some concoction on them which keeps the rabbits and deer away (I think it is coyote urine; it smells really bad).

But back to the story: I pulled in the driveway, noticing the hose was out as well as the big spray bottle of Round-up.  Kathy never uses Round-up; she pulls all the weeds, whereas I am a Round-up guy; I don’t like to mess up my manicure.  So as the rabbit [rant-what is this word?] settled down, I asked Kathy why she was using the Round-up?  She said she wasn’t using it, she was spraying her plants with the coyote urine.  “Really?”  I asked what she sprayed, and she said all her flowers: front yard, back yard, pool area, deck.  I said, “I think you used Round-Up,” and she said, “No, I did not!”  I walked her over to where the jug of Round-up was and her heart sank.  Then all of a sudden it was my fault! – but that is a story for a different day.  We will see what we come home to next week.

In business, we sometimes react to issues with haste or without clarity of our actions. It is easy to make a bad decision based on emotion or say something we would have rather not said.  I personally have found that when I take the time to sleep on something, I usually make a better decision and/or have a better outcome.  It is so easy to grab the wrong jug of spray and have an unintended consequence.

I am not sure if Kathy has poisoned the rabbits or killed all their food, but one way or another I am confident she will get rid of the rabbits.  The flowers? OOPS!