What a difference six months makes…

It has been quite some time since I last published a blog.  So much has happened since the last one went out.  It has been a little over six years since we sold our company and I ventured into my current endeavor.  Nothing in either of my careers has prepared me for the aggressiveness and velocity of the current COVID 19 pandemic (not to mention social unrest, political divide, climate issues, etc).  We are experiencing a human and economic crisis that is unprecedented in my lifetime.  It is great to watch people come together and support one another – you have to dig for it, but there are many great things happening. Human ingenuity is our greatest natural resource and I have no doubt it will overcome these challenges.   It amazes me to see how our economy has pivoted on a dime to a completely new world (albeit temporary –  there will be a new normal that is different from right now and not the same as the old one).

 All the experiences, lessons, and observations I have learned over my 30+ years in business have been mustered to help others figure out a path forward.  I feel these last six months have produced some of the best and most fulfilling work of my career and I am grateful to be able to help.

One of the great casualties of the pandemic has been the reset of habits and routines.  The lockdowns and restrictions have completely upended many people’s normal routines and habits (like writing a blog).  As time has gone on our old habits and routines were replaced with new ones.  As I reflect on my experience with this reset – for me, many of my new habits and routines were created by happenstance and not by thoughtful consideration.  Work routines, diet (drink), exercise, relationship maintenance – the list goes on.  As the dust on the pandemic starts to settle and we seem like we are adjusting to the new temporary normal (the next long term new normal won’t be until testing/vaccines allow for unrestricted travel), I am reevaluating my habits and routines and adjusting them to be sure they are aligned with my long term life goals.

As I slowly reestablish my writing habits, expect to see more regular articles.



What I am reading:
Professional:  Outwitting the Devil – by Napoleon Hill – Amazon Link
The Secret to Freedom and Success
Personal: The Great Influenza by John Berry – Amazon Link
Armistice Day, 1918 World War I and Its Violent Climax