Strategy to Outcomes

Helping Organizations
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Company Philosophy

PragSpective Business Advisors brings a clear, focused vision to small and medium-sized business leaders bogged down by the day-to-day tasks attached to running a company. We help them assess their organization’s current standing, identify gaps, and create plans that are both actionable and accountable, ultimately driving them towards meaningful progress. In time, that progress becomes a cycle constantly helping to push leaders in a focused direction in an effort to achieve their long-term business goals.

Business Advisors

Business advisory services from an objective third party focused on helping leaders escape a reactive mindset and move their organization toward deliberate, attainable progress. Providing expertise in the areas of leadership, data and finance, and compliance.

Technology Advisors

Functioning as your high-level IT advocate, we analyze the technology of your business from an infrastructure, stability, and security perspective. Through an in-depth risk assessment, we help set goals, determine accountability, and build an overall strategy.

Project Management

Project management brings external expertise to organizations within the healthcare industry. Our assessments result in comprehensive plans pertaining to Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation, EHR Optimization, and Change Management.

Process Improvement & Outcomes

Through organizational workflows, quality improvement planning, and the development of value-based outcomes, we help business leaders evaluate and improve business processes while measuring them against performance improvement targets.

What is PragSpective?

Small and medium-sized business owners define themselves by progress. But when the day-to-day reactive tasks of running an organization consume your role, that progress can turn into stagnation. Sometimes, what’s needed most is a focused, pragmatic approach combined with an outside perspective, or in other words, PragSpective. Our expertise helps business leaders get a clear vision of their company, determine priorities, and push toward goals and outcomes.

With a background in accounting and compliance, Lindsay Bahl developed a passion for helping others when she began her career at Chartiers Center in 1999. She has guided the organization through numerous projects positively impacting both operations and culture at Chartiers, where she now resides on the executive team. At PragSpective, Lindsay leverages her expertise in project management, process improvement, and more to help business leaders realize outcomes.

Lindsay Bahl
Principal, PragSpective

An accomplished business leader with a diverse background in technology, Peter Briden founded PC Network Services (PCNS) in 1990. Over the span of 24 years, he grew PCNS from an independent computer consultant operating in Pittsburgh to an award-winning network support company. In 2014, the company was purchased by an investor group, and Peter has focused his efforts on coaching and mentoring business leaders looking to turn strategy into outcomes.

Peter Briden
Principal, PragSpective

With an extensive career in technology leadership, Clint Laviano has played a crucial role in the growth and success of numerous organizations since 1984. Most notably, he functioned as the Technical Operations Executive at PC Network Services (later rebranded Apogee IT Services) in Pittsburgh, PA for over 20 years. As part of PragSpective, Clint utilizes his expertise to help companies strategize, streamline operations, and work towards desired business outcomes.

Clinton Laviano
Business Advisor, PragSpective