At PragSpective Business Advisors, our philosophy is building a cycle of progress for business leaders. With small and medium-sized organizations, it’s common for those in charge to become stuck in a reactive mindset, constantly turning their focus towards day-to-day tasks while progress grinds to a halt. This “reactive spiral of death” can be tricky to escape, but with a clear understanding of your business and a pragmatic plan, a more proactive approach to your business is achievable.

The Cycle of Progress

This cycle of progress is composed of six specific areas: Audit – Assess – Prioritize – Plan – Execute – Monitor & Maintain. It starts with zooming out from the day-to-day operations of the business and gathering a more thorough understanding of where the organization stands through an audit. From there, we work to assess individual components of the business to gather a more detailed view of their current standing, ultimately leading us to identify and prioritize areas of initial focus. We help our clients develop a plan and zoom in to execute on the tasks they want to accomplish over a defined time frame. Most importantly, the goals set are attainable, responsibilities are held accountable, and progress is maintained and monitored during the execution of those plans. Once accomplished, we help our client zoom all the way back out, and begin the cycle once again.

This entire process builds a momentum of progress that the business owner can continually utilize. It’s about looking at the whole playing field and narrowing your focus to what can be achieved based on gaps and opportunities. Over time, the mindset moves from reactive to proactive, allowing business leaders to see desired outcomes that were once an afterthought.