Black and white vs shades of gray

It occurred to me this morning while I was driving home from the gym in the rainy, early morning darkness, that the rules around dealing with the Covid pandemic are a lot like the rules around driving a car.  When we drive a car there are all sorts of rules that are hard and fast but left to each of us to interpret.  What…  think about it: don’t cross the center line, a stop sign, the speed limit, the list goes on and on. Yet, most people will interpret these hard and fast rules to their own comfort level.  Did you really come to a full stop at that stop sign?  How much over the speed limit is acceptable?  Stop and limit seem absolute to me – however, in society we get to make them discretionary.  Add to it that different jurisdictions have different twists on these rules complicates the issue.  

I was reading in the news this morning that Pennsylvania is strongly suggesting limiting Thanksgiving gatherings to only members of your household.  That is surely not going to fly with many people I know (including in my own house).  People are starting to develop their own comfort level with the rules and recommendations around Covid, much like driving, and everyone will figure out where their own limits are to following or breaking (bending?) the rules.

History may ultimately tell us what was practical and what wasn’t. In the meantime we are all left to our own interpretation of the rules (even the absolute ones) and hopefully, common sense.

Stay safe and MGD.

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