What is PragSpective?

PragSpective isn’t just a business name, it defines the way we work. With a pragmatic approach and outside perspective, we help business leaders gain clear insight into their organization and help them build a cycle of progress focused on achieving goals and desired outcomes.

When a business starts to experience success, little things begin piling up on business leaders. Day-to-day they’re juggling the urgent needs of the company and slowly slip into a reactive mindset. While progress is desired, it begins to appear unattainable as things like emails, personnel issues, and regulatory change take precedence over long term goals.

The Cycle of Progress

PragSpective Business Advisors aims to break this reactive spiral and move business leaders to a proactive mindset that allows them to balance the urgent tasks of running an organization while methodically working towards important business outcomes. Our company philosophy is built around establishing a cycle of progress for our clients, where we Assess – Analyze – Prioritize – Plan – Execute – Monitor & Maintain different focus areas of their business identified through gap and opportunity analysis. Hard questions are posed during this process in an effort to get leaders to focus on what’s really important for the company. It’s all about making time to get out of the whirlwind of running a business and get perspective on its pulse, planning, and priorities.

Whether a client’s concern is a one-time change management project in healthcare or year-over-year growth in the IT industry, PragSpective brings a wealth of expertise and experience to business leaders on a regional, national, and international level. Zooming out from an organization, getting clear on its most important needs, and zooming back in to focus on those key areas has helped leaders in various industries break their reactive mode. In the end, this process and its cadence drives business progress and performance while aiming to keep a business owner’s focus on what is truly important.