Lindsay Bahl

Lindsay began her career at Chartiers Center in 1999 working in the billing and administration department.  She was routinely selected for promotions due to creating value and efficiency in operations.  She worked with patients to determine eligibility for benefits and reduced payments based on income.  Working and assisting patients is where Lindsay developed a passion for helping others.  This passion tapped into her leadership skills and she began striving for a management position.  Her goal was to help create strategies to meet the mission and vision of the organization.  While working full-time at Chartiers, Lindsay obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and then completed her MBA also with a concentration in accounting.

In 2008, Lindsay was promoted to the accounting department where she became the Fiscal Technician and managed the day to day accounting and reporting functions in the department.  She implemented a new general ledger system and created agency-wide financial statements used by the CEO, CFO, and the executive team.  In 2010, Lindsay was promoted to Project Administrator & Financial Analyst where she led an agency-wide implementation of an electronic health record system while supervising the accounting department.  She also worked with a newly contracted IT vendor, PC Network Services, on implementing a new IT network.  Lindsay was responsible for the coordination and the implementation of an IT infrastructure while facilitating employee training on the new technology.  Lindsay’s focus on day to day activities soon evolved into a focus on change management.  She assisted staff who previously used very little technology on learning basic computer skills, e-mail, and Microsoft Office products.  During the implementation of the EHR system, she formed internal implementation teams, worked with other organizations on best practices, developed process flows for the clinical, administrative, and fiscal programs, and developed and facilitated employee training.

Following the successful implementation of the EHR system, Lindsay accepted a position at PC Network Services in the spring of 2012.  At PC Network Services, Lindsay managed the accounting department and served as a System Administrator of their internal quality management ticketing system and the accounting software.  She enhanced the internal quoting and ticketing system, implemented an inventory tracking module, and created and implemented a metrics database that measured key performance indicators.

In the fall of 2013, Lindsay returned to Chartiers Center as the Chief Information and Compliance Officer and a member of the executive leadership team.  She was responsible for creating a culture of compliance.  As Lindsay worked to develop a compliance program at Chartiers she developed a passion for compliance.   As the Compliance Officer, she assessed and investigated compliance reports and ensured adherence to the agency Corporate Compliance Plan.  Lindsay also initiated, completed, and reported agency-wide program audits and conceptualized and facilitated compliance training for all new and existing employees.  She formed a compliance committee and reported corporate compliance initiatives to the Board of Directors.  As CIO, Lindsay oversaw the agency’s EHR and technical systems and managed the agency’s technology infrastructure.  She was also the HIPAA Security Officer and was responsible for monitoring the security of all systems.

In the fall of 2014, Lindsay was promoted to Chief Financial and Information Officer.  Along with her CIO responsibilities, she developed and monitored an $8 million dollar annual budget and was responsible for the oversight of all billing and accounting functions.  She was also directly responsible for overseeing the agency’s external audit and monitored cash flow of all operating and restricted accounts.  Lindsay streamlined and automated accounting and billing processes resulting in over $100,000 per year in annual savings.  She most enjoyed forecasting and financial analysis working alongside the CEO in making decisions to further the vision and mission of the organization.

In 2017, Lindsay partnered with Peter Briden to create PragSpective Business Advisors.  Lindsay and Peter are both pragmatic by nature and thrive on bringing a matter of fact perspective to organizations to gain value and efficiency.  Both excel at helping organizations turn strategy into outcomes.

Lindsay currently resides in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania and in her spare time enjoys running, exercise and mountain climbing.  When Lindsay is not expressing her passion in process efficiencies, she can be heard talking about climbing the highest peaks in Colorado.