Project Management

Navigating Change

The shifting landscape of healthcare has made large projects relating to organizational change, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and more difficult to navigate in recent years. In-depth analysis, attention to detail, proper documentation, consistent reviews, and more are required to effectively carry out projects in the industry.

Using our philosophy, we help clients in healthcare carry out these types of projects by working with leaders to conduct a detailed assessment of the task at hand, set measurable goals, and execute a comprehensive plan that we present to upper management. With a wealth of experience and expertise, PragSpective has helped manage projects involving EHR implementation and optimization as well as change management.

Is Google smarter than your company?

Is Google smarter and easier to deal with than your company?I recently purchased a new car and have been having issues with my EZ-Pass, the automated toll system that is used on the East Coast.  The last time I got a new car I forgot to take my EZ Pass out of the...

Our Work Is Our Practice

OUR WORK IS OUR PRACTICEI was recently listening to an audio book that made an analogy about sports and business.  While I agree with many sports and business analogies, this one was about practice, and my feelings are that sports and business practice in very...

Put Your Margins Where Your Value Is.

Put your margins where your value is.If you hide your margins in a commodity price, your clients will find lower cost alternatives.Last week on July 3rd we were getting ready for a Fourth of July pool party at our house, working around the house all day...

EHR Implementation & Optimization

Many healthcare organizations are still in a transitional state regarding the use of Electronic Health Records. Whether it’s switching from paper records or changing the current EHR software platform being used, the process of making the change can be daunting. PragSpective provides the expertise needed in both situations by managing the project from assessment through completion. In addition to the transition, we’re also looking to improve our clients’ use of these platforms and ensuring EHRs are secure under HIPAA guidelines.

Change Management

Large scale changes in organizational structure, technology, staffing, and more can be incredibly difficult to manage in the healthcare industry. Working directly with both internal teams and external vendors, PragSpective develops a plan, coordinates tasks, and implements large-scale projects that plan to impact the day-to-day operations of the organization. As your go-to lead, we ensure the project is completed while meeting the goals and outcomes detailed in the assessment phase.