Your IT Advocate

One of the trickiest areas to navigate as a business owner is technology, as it oftentimes seems to be responsible for more headaches than any other facet of your company. However, an organization’s technology environment is directly tied to its livelihood as outages and inefficiencies can result in lost revenue, stolen data, and more.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the managed services industry, PragSpective functions as your high-level IT advocate to help business leaders navigate the choppy waters surrounding their technology. Through analysis of your infrastructure, stability, strategy, and security, we’re able to get a pulse on your environment and develop an actionable technology plan to execute.

What can IT Services learn from a baseball player?

What can IT Services learn from a baseball player? I was driving in my Jeep this morning listening to local sports talk radio and heard an interview with the Pirates catcher Jacob Stallings.  There were a few really interesting takeaways from this interview, but one...

It’s a Jeep thing…

It’s a Jeep thing… I don't know what it is, but I know so many guys (and its almost always guys) in their 50's who get Jeeps.  I am sure there is a logical explanation, but I am not going to delve into that. Well, over the holidays I made the plunge.  I bought  a ten...

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s ResolutionWhat a crazy ride 2020 has been!  There is not a person on the planet who has not been affected in one way or another from this year’s events.  If there is any silver lining to these unimaginable last nine months, it is that there is optimism that...

CyberSecurity & IT Management Risk Assessments

PragSpective leads an in-depth assessment of your systems to identify which areas are vulnerable to attack as well as general shortcoming as it relates to your hardware, software, backups, and more. Our risk assessment analyzes the individual components of your infrastructure as well as management responsibilities for those at the company. From here, we develop a restructured IT strategy based on each area’s level of importance as well as its difficulty and cost to fix.

HIPAA Security Assessments

For healthcare clients, we conduct security assessments to make sure your technology is protecting patient information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Our assessments take a comprehensive look at firewalls, data access, authentication, and more to ensure that protected health information (PHI) is secure from external threats. PragSpective also analyzes how well your technology functions regarding HIPAA’s “need to know” policy, where specific employees are only allowed access to certain kinds of patient information. All of this allows us to develop a plan for improvement and ensuring PHI is secure.

Strategy, Goal Setting, Management & Outcomes

Our risk assessments dictate the individual technology strategy, goals, and implementation plan we develop alongside our clients. As your technology advisor, we’re able to give business leaders a better understanding of their IT environment by asking the right questions to those currently responsible for their technology. It results in a clear, actionable plan where roles are defined, responsibilities are assigned, and progress is made to achieve outcomes.