Focused on helping business leaders make more progress faster, PragSpective Business Advisors brings knowledge and experience through several different service areas. From general advisory to industry-specific projects, we help organizations achieve goals and realize outcomes relative to the specific needs of the company.


As your external business advisor, PragSpective is committed to helping business owners instill a cycle of progress at their organization. To accomplish this, it requires zooming out from day-to-day reactive tasks, getting clear on a business plan, and zooming back in to accomplish goals. Through coaching, assessments, and analysis, we work to lay a foundation of confidence and clarity for business owners in the following areas:

Data & Finance

Technology Advisors

Leveraging our extensive background in information technology management, PragSpective acts as your company’s IT advocate. We look to diagnose inefficiencies and gaps in your environment while working to build a strategic IT plan that accounts for both the short-term and long-term health of your business technology. As your advisors, we work with business leaders and IT resources to conduct and implement:

CyberSecurity & IT Management Risk Assessments
Compliance Security & Risk Assessments – HIPAA, SEC, CJIS, DFARS, NIST
Strategy, Goal Setting, Management & Accountability

Project Management

Acting as an advisory resource, PragSpective works with organizations in the healthcare industry to accomplish large-scale projects impacting both staff, vendors, and patients. We assess the overall project at hand and work with leaders to set finite goals and outcomes before presenting a comprehensive plan for execution. Common healthcare projects that we are involved with include:

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Optimization
Change Management

Process Improvement & Outcomes

At PragSpective, we help organizations gain a thorough understanding of their processes, which ultimately helps us create actionable plans for their improvement. These improvements set us on a path to achieving an organization’s desired outcomes. From non-profits to healthcare organizations, we assist with:

Organizational Workflow, Redesign & Optimization
Quality Improvement Planning & Initiatives
Development of Outcomes & Meaningful Performance Improvement Targets
Value-Based Initiatives & Outcomes