A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine and fellow Pittsburgh MSP recommended a book to me called the Go Giver.  Like many book recommendations, when I get a strong recommendation from someone I respect it gets slotted to the top of the pile.  I read the Go Giver last week and it spoke to me.  While there are a number of key and meaningful points to the book (get it, it is a quick and powerful read), there was one particular line that really stood out to me.  This line talked to “what’s the point?”.  In the book, the author states “it is okay to make money, and lots of it.  It’s just not a goal that will make you successful.”.

In my dealings with many businesses of all sizes, I am in the fortunate position to be able to hear about all kinds of goals and aspirations, both business and personal.  What seems to be a pattern is that when goals are focused on the riches verses creating value for others, the goals seem to be ever elusive.  Like running towards the horizon, you never seem to get there.

This leads me to another of my favorite books, Start with Why by Simon Sinek.  Check out Simon’s 18 minute TED Talk. While I had already exited our business before I learned about this concept, I did go back and figure out what our Why was.  It had nothing to do with making lots of money (see our Why below).  Money was very important and a great scorekeeper on how well we were doing, BUT it was a by-product and NOT a goal.

Lastly, it is also very common for business owners to always want their business to be bigger.  Don’t get me wrong, growth is critical to a healthy business.  However, many businesses I see think that if only they were bigger that they would be better.  It just isn’t so.  Making a mediocre business bigger amplifies your weaknesses.  My recommendation is to make the business you have great, whatever size it is.  A great business attracts new clients like moths to a flame.  Try and make the business you have, a business you love.  Make it great and create value for others, the success will take care of itself.


The PC Network Services Why

We love…
Creating order out of chaos.
Being in control over outcomes.
To be trusted and counted on to be an advocate, and the go to resource for issues and decision making.

We thrive on…
Making complex, dynamic, and evolving environments, simple.
Symmetry, standards, and best practices.

We happen to…
Build and maintain technology infrastructure for small and mid-sized businesses.