The IT Managed Services business, like many businesses, is simple in concepts, however, extremely difficult to deliver, especially as it scales.

People want a silver bullet and will pay handsomely to get it.  They rarely work.  Think diets, motivational speakers, magic pills, etc.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

So here is a silver bullet that I have found to be monumental and free.  WARNING: It is simple in concept, yet difficult to deliver consistently and build into a company culture.  These habits were the foundation of my old company’s culture and still ingrained in my personal and business interactions.  These habits were taught to me by my entrepreneurial coach, Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach.  I have been a member of The Strategic Coach for almost 25 years and this was an early lesson.  I hope you find these as powerful and useful as I did.

The Four Habits of Referability
  • Show Up On Time – shows respect for others time
  • Do What You Say – only promise things you are sure you can deliver
  • Finish What You Start – dot your I’s and cross your T’s, people love to work with others who don’t need to be micro-managed
  • Say Please and Thank-you – shows appreciation and gratitude

If you are able to build these simple habits into your life and lead with them consistently and with discipline through your organization, you will find that these are a powerful silver bullet.