Today, April 7, 2020, marks the six year anniversary of the selling of our company and the slow, steady progression to my next career.  In one sense it seems like just yesterday, and in another it seems like a lifetime ago.  My new career is around helping others think through the strategies and tactics in running their businesses.  In this role I rely heavily on the experiences and lessons from 25 years of running our company.  I combine those with the observations of and conversations with the hundreds of business owners and leaders I am fortunate enough to be in contact with.

Nothing in either of my careers has prepared me for the aggressiveness and velocity of the current CO-VID 19 pandemic.  This is a human and economic crisis that is unprecedented in my lifetime.  It is great to watch people come together and support one another.  It amazes me to see how our economy has pivoted on a dime to a completely new world (albeit temporary, there will be a new normal that is different from right now and not the same as the old one).

All the experiences, lessons, and observations I have learned in the past have been mustered to help others figure out a path forward.  I feel these last three weeks have produced some of the best and most fulfilling work of my career and I am grateful to be in a position to help.

The world seems like a scary place right now and there are more trying times and challenges ahead; however, there will be another side and a recovery.  We will ultimately be in a better place with the lessons learned making us all stronger in the future.  

And so I am taking a few moments to reflect on the journey and how it has prepared me for this weigh station. A few thoughts to share:

  • The decisions we make today will determine our future.
  • We will all be remembered (and maybe judged) by how we behave and perform during these times.
  • The current crisis will create the huge reset of routines and habits.  We all have the opportunity to be thoughtful and deliberate on what that reset looks like.  Don’t let happenstance decide.
  • During normal times, all leaders seem to look alike.  It is during times of crisis and adversity that great leaders rise above.  Now is your time to shine.

Stay safe, stay strong, and make good decisions.