Business Advisors

Perspective, Clarity & Pragmatism

For small and medium-sized business owners, it can be scary to walk out of the office on a Friday feeling like they made no real progress for yet another week. It’s not a lack of effort, but the fact that day-to-day operations of the company pull you in a million different directions. With more and more things to manage each day, it’s easy to get stuck in a reactive mode. As your business advisors, we aim to break this cycle, provide a clear view of your company, and work with you to make more progress faster.

What a difference six months makes…

What a difference six months makes…It has been quite some time since I last published a blog.  So much has happened since the last one went out.  It has been a little over six years since we sold our company and I ventured into my current endeavor.  Nothing in either...

I can’t believe it has been 6 years…

Today, April 7, 2020, marks the six year anniversary of the selling of our company and the slow, steady progression to my next career.  In one sense it seems like just yesterday, and in another it seems like a lifetime ago.  My new career is around helping others...

Suck It Up Buttercup!

Suck It Up, Buttercup!This blog is in memory of our dear friend Doris Ann Allison, she was one of the most caring and compassionate people in our world, but also tough as nails.  This was her saying, she touched so many, and leaves a gaping void.  She will always be...


Progress starts with gaining a thorough understanding of where your company currently stands. It requires answering hard questions through a business assessment where we analyze the various aspects of your company together – think of it as slowly putting together a bunch of scattered puzzle pieces. From there, we begin to craft a strategy that details business goals and provides a roadmap for achieving them. All of this results in the long-sought clarity that business owners lose as they fall into a reactive spiral running their company.

That clarity helps business owners see what’s urgent versus what’s important, and pushes them to execute their strategic plan. As a business coach, mentor, and consultant, PragSpective is here to bring leaders that clarity and help you through various decision making processes for your company. Most importantly, we instill confidence in our clients and slowly push them to provide proactive leadership for their business.

Data & Finance

An in-depth understanding of the data behind your business and its current financial position is crucial to identifying areas of improvement as well as defining goals and outcomes. As part of our assessment, PragSpective works with business leaders to analyze leads, existing customers, employee hours, profit and loss statements, and much more to get a sense of where the company stands.

Once we’ve zoomed out and gained perspective on where the company is financially, as well as detailed what data is and isn’t’ being tracked, we take a deeper look at processes to round out our analysis. We’re then able to determine how to make certain areas more profitable, cut costs in other areas, improve process efficiencies, and utilize benchmarks and key metrics to track our progress towards pragmatic goals.


PragSpective provides organizations with advisory services related to various compliance areas including:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Medicare Compliance
  • Medicaid Compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Anti-trust Laws
  • Stark Law
  • Kickbacks & Gifts
  • Confidentiality
  • False Claims Act

Whether it’s a specific compliance issue or a larger task requiring the development of a compliance program, we work with leaders to conduct audits and effectiveness reviews before proposing a plan for resolution. As your advisors, we then guide organizations through the execution of these plans to ensure their success.